Good Gut, Bad Gut: A Homeopathic Strategy to Uproot Seemingly Unrelated Illness in Body and Mind

“Turning caring moms and dads into the greatest moms and dads on the planet.”   -Joette

Most importantly, I am a mom who has raised three boys to adulthood with only homeopathy and pigheaded determination.

Today I am swinging open the doors to a proven system I have used in raising my kids… literally taking your hand in mine and showing you my methods and answering your questions. I can do this because I was there 30 years ago:

  • I’d wake in up the AM with fatigue. How could I be on top of my game if I have chronic constipation or diarrhea?
  • Why was I hitting the wall at 3PM everyday even after a full night’s rest?
  • Why was the list of foods I could eat diminishing instead of growing?

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Read on to learn what benefits this course can give you and your family.
Watch a sneak preview.

Then listen and see what students had to say after completing the course.

I can teach you. I have made the complex simple, the methods learnable today and usable tonight, the solutions practical.

After nearly two decades of devotion to the WAPF methods, twelve weeks working side by side with the doctors at the world-famous Banerji Clinic in Calcutta, India and my 20 years of clinical experience related to gut, diet and psychology...I have cracked the case.

This is what I want to teach you.

The Course will cover the following in relation to the gut:


• Delayed milestones

• Moodiness

• Food intolerances

• Allergies

• Sugar addictions

• Chronic fatigue

• Constipation and diarrhea

• Chronic bloating

• And much more...

Just added: click here to read the course syllabus

Why should I take this course, might you ask? We have traded short-term acute ills, such as ear infections, sore throats, fevers and zits, for these chronic illnesses.  And now it is time to fix it.

What's in it for you?

You will learn clear, easy-to-follow protocols that teach you how to treat these and other chronic conditions.

  • Where to find the remedies
  • How to receive a student discount equivalent to a practicing homeopath’s discount.

Imagine knowing how to treat your child after a night at a friend’s house leaves him moody and irritable from all the candy and cake. Holidays and birthday parties are always coming up, but you will be ready after taking this course.

This is where the study of homeopathy offers one of its greatest gifts. It squarely places the ability to cure where it belongs…in the hands of the family


Take away:

  • Four 2.5-hour pre-recorded PowerPoint webinars with real life cases for learning tools.  Plus a bonus 1.5 hour webinar
  • Private web site access.

Printable copies of the PowerPoint slides – keep your notes right with the slides.

Access to the webinar video for on-demand viewing at anytime.

  • Private inside forum for robust discussions with fellow students and students of my other online courses. This forum is actively monitored by my staff and me.
  • Price $480.00. No interest up to three months to pay - Easy payment plan.
  • 100% Money Bank Guarantee - see details below.
  • As a prerequisite to this course, I recommend that everyone watch my FREE 80-minute lecture: Gut-Psychology Connection: Homeopathy Is the Trump Card. Once we have confirmation of your registration, you will be given a link to watch the lecture. This is a $30.00 value as a digital download from the Weston A. Price website. 
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Take your own sneak peak of the course. A free gift to you…

Take a sneak preview of the course now.

For those of you that want to see what these fellow students learned in the Course. Here is a sneak preview.

What every mother or dad needs know...

As providence would have it, I landed on Joette’s site and joined her class on a one-year journey that I will not likely forget. Following Joette’s guidance and armed with her recommendations, I acquired new books and devoured them, bought a remedy kit and became a member of the National Center of Homeopathy. Truly, I have been a woman on a mission. With a remedy that I learned in Joette’s course, our son’s migraines, psoriasis and gastrointestinal issues have melted away! We are amazed and grateful.

Rita A., Lester City, MN

I always knew there must be a better way to treat illness. Joette’s course has allowed me to take care of my family myself and not run to the doctor for drugs. I have no aspirations to be a professional homeopath but am thrilled to help others learn how to incorporate Weston A. Price and homeopathy. Someday I hope to become a grandmother and pass this information to the next generation.

Erika D., PA

One of the summer goals for my six year old girls was to learn homeopathy.  Ok, so each day I taught them one remedy from the printout of "Perform in the Storm" and they wrote it in their notebooks.   Then we would play guess the remedy. This weekend I went away and left my husband, who knows nothing about homeopathy, with eight kids.  When I asked how the weekend went he said, "great".    Any problems?  No just gave everyone homeopathy.  How did you know what to give?  He said, "the girls (six years old) told me." I asked what they told him and he said  “They wanted Ledum for bug bites,  Cantharis for sunburn,  Aconite for a bad bang to the eye and Nux for a sick tummy.”   He said, “I don't know if it was right, but it sure worked.”   Most kids cry to their mom's when their stomach hurts, mine cry, "I need Nux!" You have changed and helped my family so much.  Thank you, the red kit and your courses encouraging families to learn and use homeopathy have been the best investments ever!  Keep up the good work.  

Ella J., Ontario, Canada

Oh Joette, I love your work!    What I have learned from you has changed my and my family’s life forever.  With your guidance from afar, I’ve cured my son’s asthma, my other son’s insomnia and my dad’s allergies are  so much improved that he barely notices them, thanks to your CD’s and blog posts on these subjects. When my son broke his arm, the doctor said “Wow this has healed fast!”  Even the x-rays confirmed the rapidity with which it fused. My mother’s hormone issues are so much better with Sepia.  She’s now calm.  Even our son’s nervous head tic is a thing of the past having employed homeopathy. Presently, I’m using homeopathy and nutrition to cure one of my sons of autism.  Even that has yielded to homeopathic remedies.

I’m thrilled that you and your teachings are a part of my life.

Tammy Cobb , Kennebunkport, Maine

100% Money Back Guarantee 

If during the first 30 days after purchasing the course, you judge this course to be not as presented or just not right for you, then simply send us an email, and we will cancel your privileges, and you will receive a full 100% refund.

You will still be able to watch my Weston A. Price lecture, a $30 value as my gift to you.