5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make Raising Their Kids

In this video I talk about my course as offered for 1950.00. More than 60 students took that course, and you read some of their comments below.

This year I have painstakingly gone though all the course material and updated the layout to make it even easier to study.

But what excites me the most is the addition of a supplemental booklet I've titled Practical Homeopathy. Now you'll add more than 70 Banerji Protocols to your growing homeopathy educational library.

In addition to this year's special offer... we have just released a Digital Version of the course. This digital version is available for a limited time at almost 1/2  the original course price.

Watch the video and then click on the link to the right and learn more about this year's special offer.

  • The most common sense way to deal with fever….starting today
  • Why the BEST way to raise kids (and grandkids) is still the ways moms have known for centuries…through homeopathy and common horse sense
  • Frequent mistakes moms make when they’re faced with a childhood illness
  • How to easily create a home setting so you’ll be prepared for anything.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom who has a large family to tend to or you’re a professional mom who just needs some tips to keep her children healthy, you won’t want to miss this important up-to-date information!

What a great year! I have so much fun helping my family and friends. I have been using homeopathy for over 20 years and am thrilled with learning more with this amazing system so that it now has become second nature to me.

Anna C., Baltimore, MD

As providence would have it, I landed on Joette’s site and joined her class on a one-year journey that I will not likely forget. Following Joette’s guidance and armed with her recommendations, I acquired new books and devoured them, bought a remedy kit and became a member of the National Center of Homeopathy. Truly, I have been a woman on a mission. With a remedy that I learned in Joette’s course, our son's migraines, psoriasis, and gastrointestinal issues have melted away! We are amazed and grateful.

Rita A., Lester Prairie, MN

I have truly loved Joette’s class for the last year. What a gift and a bounty for my family and me!

Beth H., Canton, MI

I always knew there must be a better way to treat illness. Joette’s course has allowed me to take care of my family myself and not run to the doctor for drugs. I have no inspirations to be a professional homeopath but  am thrilled to help others learn how to incorporate Weston A Price and homeopathy. Someday I hope to become a grandmother and pass this information to the next generation.

Erika D., PA