Weston A. Price Foundation Lecture "Gut-Psychology Connection:Homeopathy Is the Trump Card"

At the convention, I spoke at 9 am on Sunday to a standing-room-only crowd of 500+ on the subject of The Gut-Psychology Connection.

In those 80 minutes, I gave an eager crowd the first steps in learning how to use homeopathy in conjunction with their WAPF diet. I taught them how to quicken their pace to recovery.

Now sit back, watch my lecture and get ready to learn about a medical paradigm that will improve your life and the lives those around you forever.

"Teaching caring moms and dads genuine health solutions today to be used tonight."

Good info. Slowly transitioning some patients into this style treatment but too early to see much yet.

Keep me posted on other courses

Dr. Matthew D., Alberta, Canada

I liked the GGBG course. I think it was an asset being new to homeopathy. Makes it far easier for me to "just follow the remedies." However, listening to the class a second time was key in really bringing the whole picture together. It was not overwhelming except for the occasional changes in the 30 or 200 and not fully grasping why different recommendations were made each time. She explained why, but I didn't really "get it." I think it was a good way to get started. I really enjoy Joette's teaching style, her message and the spiritual and ideological perspective she shares.

Janelle B. , Ann Arbor, MI

Hi Y'all! I too am eagerly anticipating this class as I have many unresolved health issues. I have tried many things including GAPS and while my symptoms stabilize the issues remain. I need to be prepared to take care of our health needs. I have been reading Joette's blog for a couple years but finally got brave about 6 months ago and bought my first homeopathy kit and Joette's books. This class will help me be a wise steward of these resources I have been blessed to have.

Diana L., Topeka, KS


Just a quick note to give you a progress report.  I took the GGBG class in November and am so happy and relieved to say that my daughter who had eczema is now able to eat wheat on occasion and a few times over an entire weekend, and no rashes have resurfaced.  joy!

I enjoy reading the information you send and apply it as I can.

Much much thanks and gratitude,

Lisa M., Omaha, Nebraska

I am from Indiana and have been reading Joette's blogs for a year or so and hearing about her from a close friend.

I am a practitioner, have used many remedies, have a relatively clean dietary intake, and still have gut issues. I am really looking forward to the next four classes.

Mikaela W., Hammond, IN

"Just want to say "THANK YOU" for your common sense and comforting perspective on all of this!!!! God bless you for all you do :)" 

Kathryn, Virginia Beach, VA

Oh Joette, I love your work!    What I have learned from you has changed my and my family’s life forever.  With your guidance from afar, I’ve cured my son’s asthma, my other son’s insomnia and my dad’s allergies are  so much improved that he barely notices them, thanks to your CD’s and blog posts on these subjects. When my son broke his arm, the doctor said “Wow this has healed fast!”  Even the x-rays confirmed the rapidity with which it fused. My mother’s hormone issues are so much better with Sepia.  She’s now calm.  Even our son’s nervous head tic is a thing of the past having employed homeopathy. Presently, I’m using homeopathy and nutrition to cure one of my sons of autism.  Even that has yielded to homeopathic remedies.

I’m thrilled that you and your teachings are a part of my life.

Tammy C., Kennebunkport, Maine

Yes, I would attend another webinar on the Banerji protocol.  I am finding this all very interesting.  I love the case work examples that are thrown in there as it really helps to understand the uses of the remedies.

Adah S., Bangalore, India